Girls basketball takes on the Lakers


On Tuesday 18th December our darts face Bonneville High Lakers. This will take place on their court at 5.15 pm. Our girls basketball team has been pretty successful with 5 wins out of 8 in total, so far. We’re hoping that this game tonight will change to 6 total wins.

Our team has prepared very hard all throughout this winter so far. Since the middle of fall, they’ve began their off season training, and now in season they have been preparing and working very hard, so that they’ll be able to have a successful year for their team. Our Davis darts have very good coaching this year, and we’re hoping that our team will end the season with more great success.

Bonneville High is located in Washington Terrace, Ogden Utah. They’re a 4 A school, and they have a 4-3 winning . So our darts have high hopes for this game! This game will be very interesting and we’ll have to wait and see if our Darts can beat the Lakers. Make sure you go and support our team tonight!! It will be a great game.