Bo Roundy: The student favorite

Lindsy Hales

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When you hear, star wrestling coach and favorite history teacher, I bet your first thought is Mr. Roundy.

Mr. Bo Roundy is known to many as a favorite teacher, and a fantastic coach. He continuously inspires students to become better everyday, and we all look up to him. He has voiced that it’s important for him to be seen as a good person in the lives of his students and athletes, and we all know that it’s nearly impossible to feel any differently.

Mr. Roundy has been teaching for 15 years, with the majority of his career being at Logan High School. There, he also coached football and wrestling, leading his teams to many victories. He is just finishing his 3rd year here at Davis High. Here, we know him as a favorite history teacher, the football team’s Defensive Coordinator, but he is most commonly recognized for being the wrestling Head Coach.

We all know that Coach Roundy is incredibly passionate about coaching, shown in his long hours prepping and leading the team, and creating lasting relationships with his athletes. Roundy encourages students to join the wrestling program because its a very unique sport, based on strength and technique. Not only does it have the team aspect to it, but there are a lot of individual elements. Though it may seem overwhelming to many, its can be very rewarding.

“I witness changes in the wrestlers body as they turn into chiseled beasts from the intense workouts.” As stated by Roundy.

Well said. His wrestlers have had quite an impressive performance this year. 2 wrestlers (Parker Coffey and Heston Percival) were crowned divisional champions, and 17 wrestlers qualified for the state tournament. Impressive, right?

“I am proud of the team and their fight.” Roundy says.

Although the victories are amazing achievements, that’s not Roundy’s only goal as a teacher and coach. He’s not only trying to build their strength and skill as athletes, he’s working to build their self-esteem and character as individual people.

“I struggled as a young man in school and found success in sports, which helped me grow the self-esteem to do better in school. I feel like I need to be a champion for students in their lives and help encourage positive characteristics. I love being around young people and I feel inspired by their enthusiasm and love for life.” Roundy shared.

He works hard to maintain a balance between coaching and teaching. Along with coaching since July, he works hard to maintain an organized class and keep his gradebook up to date. He loves teaching and shared that he always tries to be energetic and encouraging while doing what he loves.

Outside of school, Mr. Roundy enjoys watching Netflix, going to the movies, mountain biking, and reading. He shared that his absolute favorite thing to do is travel.

“This year I am going to Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Martin, St Kitts, California to Disneyland, just to name a few…” he said.

Well it seems that these vacations are well earned, and very much deserved. So much of his time is devoted to the students here, and his impact on students lives is hard to compare. From all of us at Davis, we say thank you Mr. Roundy, and we hope to have him around for years to come.