Liverpool’s unthinkable comeback

Ashton Weber

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IT Chapter Two
May 23, 2019

On Tuesday, May 8th, the second leg of the Champion’s League semi-final between Liverpool F.C. and Barcelona F.C. took place. The first leg was at The Bernabeu, Barcelona’s home stadium, a week prior. Barcelona walked away from that game with a pretty comfortable lead of 3-0 on aggregate. Goals coming from Lionel Messi (2) and Luis Suarez (1). Liverpool’s Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino would both pick up injuries in this game as well. The following week the two teams would face off again, this time in front of the electric atmosphere of Anfield, Liverpool’s home field.

The days leading up to the match, and the news coming in about the injuries of Salah and Firmino, it wasn’t looking like Liverpool stood a chance, and the light of their season was slowly fading. Barcelona was the favorable bet going into the second leg with the 0-3 lead and the absence of arguably the teams best players. Although it looked highly unlikely, Jurgen Klopp, the head coach of Liverpool’s hopes were still very much alive.

Going into the game, Liverpool’s home crowd was electric, bringing an unbelievable atmosphere to such a highly anticipated game. The Reds’ (Liverpool) didn’t have a single look of doubt in their eyes.

Right out of the gate, the Reds came in swinging, scoring the opening goal within the first 10 minutes with a tap in from Wijnaldum. Liverpool had all the momentum, Barcelona couldn’t string together 3 passes. After the first 20 minutes it looked like Barcelona were finally figuring it out and the momentum of Liverpool’s first goal was starting to deteriorate, but hopes were still not gone. The half was very back and forth but it look like a goal from Barcelona was inevitable with plenty of chances coming in the first half, but Alisson Becker, Liverpool’s goalie, came alive and made multiple fantastic saves to keep Liverpool’s hopes alive. The score was 0-1 in favor of Liverpool at the half.

Liverpool still had a two goal deficit that they had 45 minutes to overcome. Anfield was pleased with the first half performance and were even louder in the second half. Liverpool’s going to have to throw everything at the Barca in the second half to pull off the comeback.

More back and forth to begin the second half and in the 54th minute Liverpool pulled another back with an own goal coming from Barcelona’s Javier Mascherano to make it 2-3 on aggregate, needing one more to tie it and push it into overtime and 2 to send them through to the finals. Within a minute Liverpool on a counter attack sent in a beatufil cross to put on the head of Origi to make it 3-0.

The remainder of the half was more back and forth and Liverpool having plenty of chances to bring Liverpool out of reach but couldn’t capitalize. At the end of the 90 regular minutes the already nail biting match was given stoppage time and plenty of time to pull another back. Liverpool was given the final and 2 game series winning goal on a golden platter: coming from a corner kick fake.

Liverpool are now set to play Tottenham Hotspurs in Madrid for the Champions League Finals, the first time 2 English teams will have faced off on the Champions League stage.