Child Care class

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Child Care class

Child Care is a class here at Davis High. It’s basically Day Care, where one takes care of the kids’s needs- for example, watching them, playing games, drawing, playing outside, feeding them, etc. It’s very fun and the kids are so cute! It doesn’t even feel like a class, it feels like free time.

The good things about Child Care are the kids. They are seriously so fun. Most of them are just balls of energy. It can get extremely exhausted and usually end up feeling even more tired than before the class- noting that 5 hours of sleep is the maximum the night before.

The kids are very sweet as well. They are very considerate and kind- most of them at least. There are a few stragglers here and there that are grumpy or mean to the other kids, but it’s very rare. Some just don’t understand the concept that in order to make good friends you have to be kind. Those are the kids that get put in time-out the most. Of course, one can’t have a good day all the time, so sometimes they come into Child Care feeling under the weather, sad or just straight up not in a good mood. That’s completely understandable.

“Children who began care early in life and were in care 30 or more hours a week were at increased risk for stress-related behavioral problems,” states

So that would explain why some of the kids are more high-strung and moody than others. It can be agreed that every child processes and takes experiences differently. Child care can definitely affect kids differently.

“Evidence has shown that spending time in nonparental care increases children’s social knowledge and skills. Morales and Bridges found that children with experience in child care were more accomplished at entertaining themselves and managing challenges,” states the same article mentioned above.

That’s definitely some positive news to take away from this!

That class wouldn’t be traded for anything, there’s nothing better than it. There’s many enjoyable things about that class, too many to count. In conclusion, if anybody wanted to switch into that class or take it next year, it’s highly recommended.