The Art of the DM: Mans Perspective

Dax Pew

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December 19, 2019

Picture this… you are a male attracted to women. You are on Instagram. You see the most beautiful girl you have ever seen in your life. You look at her  page. You see that she likes dogs and her family. You contemplate if you should reach out and talk to her, she seems really cool from her page but there is only one way to know for sure, so YOU slide in her DM’s.

DMing someone you find attractive has been around since it was invented. It gives everyone a chance to shoot their shot and try and get out there in the dating world.

“I felt like it was my only way to connect. And she was Hot!” Stated Davis High Senior Isaac Whipple

It’s hard to argue with that logic. How can someone even connect with someone that they have never met. It’s really their only option.

Obviously, not all people agree with such a statement.

“I think its weird and creepy if you don’t know them.” Explained Carston Christensen.

A lot of people would agree with Carston because you never truly know who is trying to hit you up, it could be a 60 year old man that made up a random profile of a young girl.

“It kind of depends on the person.” Stated Sophomore Hannah Lindsey.

This begs the point the question of “Who Is” the person.

On the other hand there are the upsides. If the person is real you can see what they are interested in and if your interests are similar. It gives you an idea of how much you have in common and how much you could get along with the person. It is a kind of background check that can be very helpful before going all in with someone. If you know they are crazy from their Profile it will save you the time of finding out in person. When Sam Heath was asked about sliding into girls DMs he said

” I like it a lot actually, it was a lot of fun”.

Sliding into DMs is a tool that you can use to make connections with people that you might find out you are compatible with and can have fun with and maybe get in a relationship with.