Parker Last Academic all State

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January 13, 2020

Parker Last is a student here at Davis high school. Not only does he excel on the football field but also in the classroom. He is an outstanding student that has had a 4.0 his whole life. Parker is also a key player on our football team, he has been starting at center since he was a junior. Without Parker at center the whole line would fall apart. You have to be very intelligent to be a center because you have to see the blitz’s coming and call everything out to the other linemen.

Parkers favorite class at Davis high is u.s gov, his teacher for that is Bo Roundy. Parker likes the class a lot because of his teacher. When asked why he likes the class he said

” I love the way he teaches and how cool he is.”

Balancing school work and sports is a very hard thing to do because both take up so much time but Parker knows how to keep them balanced.

When asked how does it feel to be academic all state, he responded,

“It feels so good! My older brother was academic all state, so it means a lot to be following in his footsteps.”

Parker likes that he can follow in his brothers footsteps in this achievement because it is a good one to have.  The future is bright for Parker, and hes got a lot of good things going for him with his athletics and education.