Davis school district (COVID-19)

As we all know we are currently in a global pandemic. I wrote a previous story as the school was making their decision on staying open and moving to a four-day schedule.

The school district to make the decision to move to a four-day schedule. This caused a lot of fear in some students and parents, causing students to move online and finish their year out that way. So far we have had one shut down just before Thanksgiving break. Since we have come back to school our numbers for positive COVID cases have stayed relatively low. Last update our school had 5 cases!

On Tuesday, December 8th all students involved in athletic activities were tested for the virus. Around 500 students were tested and one student came back positive! That’s is incredible Davis high school!

Since going to the four-day schedule. We have done very well at practicing social distancing. I believe we are all becoming more comfortable with being in a public school during these trying times. Out of all the students are parents I have interviewed stated they are very pleased and happy with the decision to stay in school.

This being said does not mean we can fully relax. Social distancing is still needed to be in place. Personally, I am very happy we stayed in school and I hope the same for you! Stay strong Davis high school and we will get through this together as one!

as of December 14th a soft closure was announced. the shut down will begin December 15th and will go until Monday January 4th. Davis high school is at 20 students positive for covid-19 and some faculty tested positive. during soft closure, class will still continue over virtual meetings.