Is Disney World safe?


Haley Lowery

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular and loved theme parks. The food, rides, and overall magic feeling that it brings is what keeps people coming to the parks. However, with the new Covid-19 restrictions, is Disney World the same as it used to be? Is it unsafe? 

I got the chance to go to Magic Kingdom in early January. Disney World is only allowing a 35% capacity in all of their parks, so you have to reserve tickets multiple weeks in advance to ensure entrance into the park.  

Once you reach the park, you will get temperature scanned before being allowed to enter. I liked that they were doing this because it made me feel more secure that I wasn’t going to get sick from the parks.  

Next, masks are always required. Seriously, if you take it off at all in lines or while walking around, an employee will immediately ask you to put it back on. I almost got kicked out because my mom made me take my mask off for a picture and we got in trouble (do it for the ‘gram.. right?)But in all seriousness, I think that making masks mandatory was a smart decision by Disney. And, for the most part, everyone was following the rules. 

Now you might be wondering about lines. If you’ve been to Disney World (or any amusement park) in the past, you know that lines used to mean being crammed next to weird strangers. However, thanks to Covid-19, this is not the case anymore! There are stickers on the ground in every line demonstrating where to stand to remain 6 feet apart from other groups. 

Sanitizing stations were also available at every ride. I found this smart because I was able to sanitize both before and after getting onto a ride. 

Overall, my experience with Walt Disney World while practicing Covid-19 precautions was a positive one. I felt safe and never worried about getting sick because of the temperature checks, mask requirement, and line spacing. The magic of Disney World was still alive, and I enjoyed the experience just as much as I have in the past.