The Mob: Back together again

Ben Haggard, Writer

The Mob showed out in full force for the boys basketball semifinal and championship games on March 4th and 6th at Salt Lake Community College.

The Mob, which was by far the biggest, loudest, and rowdiest it has been all season, provided energy for the boys basketball team. In the end, it helped propel them to a state championship. Jackson Saunders, a Mob member talks about the environment at the games,

“The Mob was almost nonexistent during the year, so when we finally put a Mob together it brought a really nice atmosphere”

In the arena, the environment was electric. It was obvious that The Mob was excited to be back together. The anticipation had been building since the last time The Mob was in full force, which was at last years basketball state championship game, over a year ago.

Josh Haynie, another Mob member, comments on how The Mob at the state tournament compared to The Mob previously this year and in years past.

“The energy and excitement was better this year because we had all that built up energy from not being able to get to the games in the regular season”

With many Covid-19 restrictions in place, The Mob has not always been able to attend sporting events. Students were limited at football games and it wasn’t until halfway through the basketball season that students were allowed in the gym at all.

Josh Haynie expounds on how the environment at the playoff games compared to ones earlier in the year,

“The playoff games were a lot better than the ones at Davis because we could pack the place and did not have to social distance”

The venue that the basketball state tournament was held at, was smaller than some of the other venues that have been used in past years. When asked about the environment at the tournament games this year Jackson Saunders said,

“I liked how it was a bit of a smaller gym than previous years, and it felt like more people were there.”

The mob will be able to attend spring sporting events starting this week such as baseball, boys soccer, and softball.