E-Sports vs Sports which will succeed and which will be left in the dust?

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As technology advances in this modern era and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic people are beginning to wonder whether E-sports will overtake sports in the future. Here at Davis High, the issue couldn’t be more dividing.

One argument goes that E-sports is a relatively unknown field that very few people attend and that sporting events like the super bowl will remain the supreme event.

The other argument is that our increasingly technological society will give way to more people watching technology-based sports and videogames(aka E-sports).

Here at Davis, both points of view are shared, unsurprisingly many people who play sports believe that regular sports will be able to continue to surpass e-sports, while people participating in e-sports think the opposite.

“One day it could happen, these E-sports events get millions of vies, more people are becoming interested in E-sports, ” said a student when asked about E-sports overtaking physical sports.

“E-sports will take hold because of technological advancement, especially with us moving more and more into virtual reality,” exclaimed another student who was asked about E-sports overtaking physical sports.

While this society is nowhere near the virtual reality world presented in “Ready Player One”, it could get close with enough technological advancement to cause physical sports to take a backseat to e-sports.

We all know that E-sports were not a thing prior to the 21st century and did not have enough time to grow to the proportion that physical sports have. Because of this, E-sports ultimately taking over regular sports is a whole new reality, and for some a pipe dream.

“No the super bowl will remain more popular. While younger people can relate to both sports and E-sports, older people will continue to only relate to one of the two,” said an athlete here at Davis High.

“No, physical sports will remain the dominant entertainment form,” explained a student when asked whether E-sports would close the gap of participation on sports.

Our first student is quite right, older generations cannot relate to E-sports while younger generations can. This begs the question if 100 years in the future E-sports will be the supreme sport. Surprisingly the E-sports coach at Davis High doesn’t think so.

“I don’t think so, there is a huge presence in kinetic sports…the majority of people do not even know about E-sports”

“E-sports won’t become more popular than regular sports tournaments, but the numbers of people interested will grow,” explained Mr. Stanley, the E-sports coach.

This shows a lack of belief that E-sports will surpass regular sports from the coach of the team which is quite surprising. While the numbers will grow, it will not be enough to upset regular sport’s dominance over the entertainment industry, or so the argument goes.

So, who will take up the mantle of the most popular sport? Will it stay with regular sports, or will we see a shift to E-sports? Only time will tell.