Photography Club Captures Memorable Moments Throughout Davis

by Hailee Smith


Capturing a moment with the click of a button seems simple; in photography club, students learn that taking the perfect shot takes more knowledge than how to push a button.

Club members take pictures for school events, learn about camera effects and practice in the studio. Senior Megan Larsen, a member of the club, said that the club has discussions about the different types of photography, how to improve and different features of the camera. The club schedules field trips to practice using camera features and they use the media studio at the school to practice techniques they learn and critique each other’s work.

Practicing and learning how to take a better picture isn’t the only thing they do in photography club. Another part of the club is taking pictures of games and other school events.

Lexi Wenzbauer, a junior and photography student, said, “Sometimes Mr. (Kelly) Oram (the advisor) will teach us how to use the studio lights or settings. We talk about upcoming events that we can go and take pictures at and we sign up to do events that we want to go to.”

While it’s hard work to understand all the camera settings, being in the club has its advantages. “You have to be really patient, it took me forever to get all the camera settings down, but sticking with it is totally worth it,” said Larsen. “You get a lot of benefits from it. You get to go down on the sidelines and get up close to the players in games.”

Getting into games and having a front row seat at events aren’t the only perks of being in the club. “I like being able to capture memories that you can look back on forever. I like being able to take pictures of different things and look at the world in a different way. It helps me view things differently and appreciate the things around me,” said Larsen.

Wenzbauer said that her favorite part of the club was “going to the events because you can get into them for free and meeting all the people in photography club.”