1,061 potential books will reveal Davis High’s top 100 picks


This year as a part of the centennial celebration Jennifer Harward, the librarian here at Davis, has asked the patrons of Davis High to fill out a list of their favorite books to compile into a single list.

“I’m a list person. Whenever a magazine comes out with a list of someone’s top ten of anything, I’m naturally drawn to it,” said Harward. These books can help the media center determine what books aren’t on the shelves that probably should be. “I love books, and my list of books is going to be different than someone else’s.”

Approximately 75 lists have been submitted to Harward, accumulating to a total of 1,061 books for her to sort through. “The list gets other people talking about books and reading, which as a librarian is kind of my job.” So far the front runners of the list seem to be the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games series with Percy Jackson at a distant third. “One Saturday I spent probably three hours on two lists, but the further along I get the less time I spend on it.”

When the first stage of the list is complete, student lists being due by the 31st of January, Harward will release a first draft of the list and have participants whittle down that list into a top one hundred. After that the list will be posted in the library, revealing Davis High’s top 100 books, so keep an eye out and keep reading.