Lunch petition crafted to promote a longer lunch period


Lunch on school days ranges from 32 to 40 minutes. A petition to Davis School District regarding lunch and class times was crafted to promote a longer lunch time. A student from Layton High wrote a petition requesting five minutes be subtracted from each class period and then added to lunch.


The petition states that the longer lunch will “benefit [students] by giving [them] a wider variety of options” and “extra time” to get to class so as to not receive a tardy for fourth/eighth period.


The extra five minutes given to lunch would make lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 60 minutes long, giving time for more options. “A lot of people can’t even make it to their house in time so they have to go to Wendy’s or McDonald’s which ends up being packed because so many people go [there],” said Davis High senior, Madi Hancock.


While students believe the extra time would be a benefit in terms of food options and decrease in tardies, there is a worry about the class periods becoming too short. A decrease of five minutes from a class period could make teachers and students feel rushed.


The petition includes all high schools in the Davis School District and, when posted on Twitter, the tweet received over 170 retweets and over 640 favorites.