Davis track stars win a National title

Victoria Sandholtz, D-TV Producer

Aubrey Argyle, Logan Mackay, Josh Ward, Colter Blanchard, and Stockton Smith went to New York to compete in nationals at the New Balance meet. Aubrey took fourth in the 5,000 and then the boys took second in the four by mile, and first in the four by 800. Getting to New York took them all lots of time and effort but it has paid off. Congratulations to all of them to doing so well at nationals.


Being at such an important event can cause people to be very stressed and nervous, but every runner has ways and reasons to keep them calm and confident. Aubrey Argyle said, “Knowing all of the work that me and the other four boys put into was a confidence boost for the race.”


Davis has such a huge track team which makes a great support system, even if they aren’t physically there. Jimmy, the announcer said, “Usually Logan Mackay has hundreds of athletes here watching him race, but he knows they are watching them at home.” It is still such a great comfort knowing there are hundreds watching you at home and cheering you on. This helped comfort and motivate the runners representing Davis. This experience is one of a kind and a great opportunity for athletes to challenge themselves, show the country how good they are, and to see new things.


Logan Mackay said, “You feel like you can do whatever you want in New York, and being at nationals was super cool because we’re around the top athletes in the whole nation. It was kind of intimidating, but we just didn’t let it get to our heads, just said we’re fast, they’re fast and it just comes down to the line.”


Argyle said, “It’s kind of really cool just looking around, seeing all the people from all over the country, just there to compete and the atmosphere is really cool cause we are all there for the same reason.”


There were lots of memories made while the runners were at the race and also just from  traveling around New York. Mackay said, “My favorite part of the race itself was the final 200 of the 800 championship race knowing that if I give it everything I have we would be national champions and I really raced for my teammates, coaches, and the people at home watching.”


Nationals was a great opportunity to reflect on their team and their hard work and to help show what talent they have to the world. Argyle said, “I feel like it was a really good milestone, with my running because it put me on the board and [now] people will know more about me.”

Mackay said, ‘Going to nationals it is just fun to see [how] our whole team is so good and we can compete at a national level.”