Softball team grows throughout season

Jordan Wood


Adam Aposhian, Reporter

May 1st marked the softball team’s completion of the fifth annual Red and White game. Not only does the game raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but it also provides a fun event for spectators and athletes alike.

“I like the food and also that everyone shows up and we get a ton of donations,” senior Katie Andelin said. “It’s just really awesome and it’s for a good cause too. It’s fun to play too.”

Even though there’s much fun to be had at the game, it takes a lot of preparation on the part of the softball team, who try to get as many donations for the fundraiser as they can.

“There’s businesses too that will donate the food.” Andelin said. “All the food that is going to be served is all donated from people. All the profit is going to LLS.”

“We sell the wristbands. A lot of people bought those from us,” senior Makenna O’Brien said. “Raffle tickets is what we’re selling now.”

Amidst all of the food and prizes however, there is an actual softball match going on. Woods Cross has been the other participating team for the past three years, where the Red and White Game was started by Mr. Drott.

But the Red and White game is not exactly a championship event.

“It’s a silly game,” sophomore Abby O’Brien said.

“It’s more relaxed,” Burch said. “Everybody can get into it, and everybody can have lots of fun.”