Photography class focuses on their passions

Tayler Beever


Billy Elliott, Reporter

There are lots of reasons why people take the photography class.

Cierra Fuller, a sophomore, said “I took this class because, I’ve really liked photography for a couple years and I really wanted to learn more about it and just like all the different types of photography and just about how to do it.”

Wyatt Vanek a senior said, “I took this class because I wanted to get to know more about photography and just go over some stuff that I already learned, to get better.”

People don’t only enjoy taking this class but also enjoy teaching it.

Mr. Oram, the instructor said, “I started photography as a hobby about six years ago and started then working with students here at the school to shoot school activities and put them on the website. I wanted to get people more involved in it so I went to the administration and asked if we could teach the class in connection with yearbook and they said yeah.”

People enjoy both learning in this class and teaching it. The photography class is a fun class to take. It  is a great place to learn all that you need to know about photography.