Girls Tennis Hopes Success Brings Spectators

Bently Holley

Duke Charlesworth, Reporter

As the tennis team advances this year, they have learned how to work together as a team in an individual sport. This has motivated the girls to show additional support for each other and enjoy playing.

“I think it’s a lot more fun to play as a team, because you have the girls supporting you and so you’re not out there by yourself,” first singles player Whitney Turley said. “It’s like you have got the team rallying around you to help you reach the best you can be.”

Being part of the team has created a special bond between all of the girls. They feel like one big family. Each match they are always out cheering on their teammates as they play the opposing team.

“Being on the team is so much fun, I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s always the highlight of my day,” doubles player Caitlyn Williams said.

As the season comes to a close the team is now focusing on upcoming region and state

matches, and working harder than ever to pull out a win.