Great Music Crosses all Genres

Spencer Hill

Bryce Barton, Reporter

Teenagers listen to an average of two and a half hours of music every day. With so many different artists and songs available, students listen to a wide variety of music. Students agree on the reason they listen to so much music.

“It is therapeutic. It helps you get through the day,” senior Travis Hansen said.

Music also provides a way for friends to relate to each other. It is common for friend groups to have similar opinions and like the same things. This goes for music too as many friend groups listen to the same kinds of music.

“Most people in the same friend group, they’ all like the same type of music because they can all relate to it. And I feel like if you can relate to the same music as another person then your friendship will be way better off,” senior Braydon Pinder said.

Listening to music may be more than just a way to calm down and relax. Teenagers often feel misunderstood and look for ways to express their feelings. Music provides an opportunity to express deep feelings and thoughts.

“It gives them a way to express themselves,” Pinder said.

Music is many different things to teenagers. Whether it is a way to calm down, or a way of expressing difficult feelings, music is a vital part of teenage life.