Utah Jazz Fans Enjoy Return to Playoffs

Bentley Holley


Bentley Holley, Head Video Editor

The Utah Jazz have not been to the playoffs in five years. In those years, there has been two coaching changes, 14 different players drafted, 182 losses, and nearly 60 players within that span. Through this slump however, the fans have been true and stuck through with the hope that something better would come. These fans have shown what it takes to be the ultimate fan, and not ride the bandwagon in a day and age where players and fans jump ship after one bad loss.

“Utah gets overlooked in a lot of their professional sports because we don’t have an NFL team and the Jazz are pretty much always a footnote in the NBA especially when they aren’t making the playoffs and doing anything exciting after April” frequent game attendee Parker Hull said.

It’s not easy to be known as the fan of an unknown team, just as it is hard to be a bench player on any team, but especially a small-market squad like the Jazz. The style and energy of the team is more similar to the fans than some realize. There is an underdog trait and a sense of passion that only comes from being a lesser-known fan or supporter of the team, on the bench, and in the stands.

“Most people don’t know who they are a lot of the time, they kind of sit on the sideline but this year, due to the fact that there’s a lot of injuries going on, the bench players had to step it up. The sidekicks and the underdogs had to go full-on out because without them, we’d be like the 76ers and nobody wants to be like the 76ers” viewer of every game Greg Romney said.

The club being on the rise has created feelings including nostalgia and euphoria. There’s been a positivity and a buzz that hasn’t been seen or felt in a few years. It’s a feeling that only playoff basketball can bring.
“I feel a sense of excitement about the team. They’re a good team, they’re a deep team, they have a lot of good players.”

“I feel like they’re excited about what they’ve done” avid Jazz fan Campbell Allen said.

There’s a lot to like about the group this year, and the fans that have been there throughout the drought are now seeing the rewards of their patience. While the Jazz may be a few years out of championship contending, there’s no doubt that the state is different when the playoffs roll around.