Girls Tennis Reflects On Season

Bentley Holley


Jaedon Johnson, Reporter

Davis High’s tennis team has performed very well over the last decade, taking the state title multiple times and dominating region for the last 7 years in a row.


According to Davis’ tennis coach, Andrew Wahlstrom, 2017 has been a rebuilding year for the team. But that said, the tennis team has performed on par with the last 5 seasons.


“This was supposed to be a rebuilding year,” Coach Wahlstrom said.


A rebuilding year is a year where some of the best athletes have gone off and graduated and the incoming sophomores are to take up a large part of the new team. Rebuilding years are often warranted in underperforming in comparison to years prior.


“The majority of my team is sophomores, they are the new heart of my team,” Coach Wahlstrom said.


The amount of work that the JV girls put in this year will strongly determine how well our team will play in the next season and one thereafter.


“They’re so good… after the regular season ended  and we had region and state… the JV [team] wasn’t required to come to practice anymore, but we had a handful of girls that still came anyways because they just wanted to get better,” senior tennis player Lauryn Geddes said.

Davis High has spent a long time building a reputation as one of the best tennis teams in the state. Today, they have rightfully earned that title.


“Hopefully now other schools won’t just see us as a dark horse, but as a contender,” Wahlstrom said.


The tennis team’s future is unwritten. But with such a strong legacy to date and with promising players in our wheelhouse, it may not be too bold say that Davis High is looking to make a statement that could last a lifetime.