Girls Basketball Shoots For Glory

Cameron Jacobsen


Cameron Jacobsen and Kyla Essex, Sports Team

Starting round two of regions, the girls basketball team is heading into the last month of the season with 7-7 overall. Practising two and a half hours everyday, the team is working hard to overcome the tie and win more games.


“I think it’s […] digging ourselves a hole and not starting [the game] out strong.” athlete Sydni Oviatt said.


Working hard as a team is a goal of player, Natalie Duke. according to proSmart’s Good Teams Start with Good Teammates, “In sports the team that finishes on top is not always determined by the most talent but by the team that plays like a team.” It is the athletes’ relationship that defines how well they play during the game.


“Playing on varsity with all the older girls is a lot different than playing as a sophomore, it’s a lot harder and it’s a different game” athlete Natalie Duke said.


When playing on a higher level of sports, a coach-athlete relationship is very important. How the coaches encourage and treat their athletes can make or break a game. Pure skill is useless unless you have the correct attention and instruction from a coach.


“I love our coach she helps us a lot and isn’t there for us for just basketball, shes there for us as a person too” Duke said.