Chinese Club Experiences Chinese Culture

Mason Hall



The recent change of the Davis High Chinese teacher has had a major impact on students. Members in the Chinese club and those in the language class have experienced setbacks.

“The hardest thing about the advisor change was because it came at the end of third term. So, it was hard to make sure that our grades were consistent and that we needed to get the things in that we needed to get in,” club member and student Addie Hunt said.

The class and the club have received vast amounts of help from the administration and even secretaries due to the change being so close to the end of third term. Students such as Addie expressed their appreciation for their help,“They were being so kind to us and helping us figure out our grades and helping us get the grade we deserved.”

There has also been a very positive reaction to the change. As students like the new style of things.

“I think it’s going to be a really cool way to change Chinese club. I think that with the new advisor change it will add a new perspective of Chinese. So, we get to do new and more fun activities,” Chinese club member Ben Allred said.

With the Club receiving new opportunities and striving out of controversy things are looking up. The class has experienced similar by the new teaching style and being fully immersed in the language and culture during class times.