Disneyland is the place dreams

Disneyland, the one place where all little children dream of going, where dreams come true. To some it is a place where the crowds are too big for them and they are too impatient to wait in the lines. So, is Disneyland really a place where dreams come true or is just another amusement park?

            To the expensive food that is not worth its quality for the amount paid for, however it is better than fast-food. Souvenirs that cost more than the worth yet people don’t seem to care as they buy those Mickey Mouse ear hats and other silly gifts. And yet the general population of the world loves just being at the one place where dreams come true.

            Coming from the original movies, Disney has created rides and roller coasters that entertain kids and adults, from the loved Indiana Jones ride to the shooting contest of Toy Story Mania. Everyone has their choice of riding whichever rides fit their suit, the can go to the more thriller rides in California Adventures or go to the original park of Disneyland.

            So Disneyland is a place where people from all over the world come to have their dreams come true or to just have a great family vacation.