Pressure on todays teens is bearing down

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Chaos of lunch
January 7, 2019

Are you struggling to manage both school work, and extracurricular activities? Well most students at Davis High are suffering from this problem. Teachers are giving students hours of homework, and then students have practices, or games every day after school. Students also have house hold chores to do. That is just to much for students to handle every day, and still be expected to get o bed at a reasonable hour.

Student’s Kobe Melton and Griffin Karras are both Juniors here at Davis High school. They are both taking AP Chemisty, Ap Statistics, Honors Math, and Honors English. They said that they are given about two hours of homework a night and sometimes more. But this is with classes split up into A days and B days, which means about four hours of homework for all of your classes. Which is outrageous.  Along with the two hours of homework a night they said that they have three and a half hour practices every day also. Which make a total of five and a half hours of work after school, plus the chores which means at best they will be done with everything at about eight o’ clock. And that is from right after school, until the end. And nobody just goes. You take breaks, and shower, and get ready.

Kobe and Griffin gave a couple of  effective tips on how to manage all of this work that is given. They said to take a lab class for as many of your classes as you can, so you can do your homework in school, and get help if you need it. They also said the the most important thing to do is to keep a planner. So you won’t forget to do anything. Griffin said something that he does is he does the necessities first, so no playing games or watching TV until all your work is done.

They also gave some advice for struggling students. They said to take a breath, if you ever get so caught up or angry, just step back and take a quick breath then go back to what you were doing. They said that the most important thing is to not waste time and DON’T procrastinate! They say that if you hold it off till the last minute, then you will not get the grade that you want, and it will become a habit. So overall, there is always a way to handle all of the work given no matter how overwhelming it may seem.