Movies behind the screens

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Movies have been around for a long time people flock to the theaters to see whats new and fresh, as well review and become fans of certain franchises. However most do not know how much work and effort go into a movie or the production itself. Lots goes into a film first there’s the set, the props, the acting and sounds  Whats more training and stunts. Today we see not only whats behind movies but the people who make them.

As movies progress so does they way the are filmed and shot. the main use is now currently CGI often using it to create worlds and sets that are otherwise incapable of making or creating. Examples of this are many of the sets in avengers in which the battle for new work mainly consisted of CGI. Spiders mans new suit the “Iron Spider” a CGI, with no design or props on the suit of any kind. CGI is also used to enhance effects often being used to add detail to things that they could not add with props or sets. The hanger scene from “Star Wars The Last Jedi” are all CGI as is the character “Snoke”. CGI is often used in movies but some consider it cheating the audience as sometimes nothing is real in the movie.

Sounds and effects are another factor in the movie in the 70’s people would record sounds and use them in movies. Sound producer Ben Burt Created half the sounds in star wars by banging on different wires and pipes. This is how the sounds for every blaster,  “Tie fighter” and “X-wing” came to be. There are also other ways to create sounds sometimes they are completely fabricated out of nothing such as the infamous Wilhelm scream. The scream itself has appeared in Indiana Jones, Star wars, and multiple “Dreamworks” movies. However real sounds are used all the time. In the “Walking Dead” Actor Chandler Riggs who plays Carl grimes explains every gun sound is from a real gun. Riggs recalls the first time he was actually given a machine gun when he was 16 and allowed to shoot it. “on my 16th birthday Andy (Andrew Lincoln) (Aka Rick grimes)  lit me up with a machine gun and we Shot them for Quite sometime before moving on to the next scene.”  Often sounds and stunts are related to each other making the scene look whole and masterful.

Probably the best part is the stunts. Stunts have been around since the first action movies came into existence. stunts can be done in many movies and in theater. often they have a stunt double that looks like the actor do something absolutely crazy. examples get hit by a car, jump a cliff, or do a lot of flips , However actors such as Tom Cruise, Tom Holland and Chris Evans have taken to doing there own stunts. In “Spiderman” homecoming Tom Holland did almost all of his stunts and flips. One ill fated time he even broke his nose. This is common however as Tom Cruise in the new movie Mission Impossible fallout broke his foot and ribs when jumping over a rooftop. However almost all the stunts in that franchise are real. Examples include hanging on the side of a plane flying a helicopter and driving the motorcycle through the streets of Paris.  as you can see stunts of movies can often make or break a movie.

In the end movies are completely for enjoyment. Whether its the jaw-dropping stunts. or the scenes in which the sound or acting is amazing. Movies are for others enjoyment.  the acting is also very big including improve. Actor Dave Bautista who plays  Drax the destroyer. switches his lines and makes his own. as did  the late Carrie Fisher. the reason? they wanted the film and character to feel real and honest. And as long as that keeps up there will be good movies on screen and behind the screen.