Which heroes are leaving the Marvel universe

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With Avengers 4 hitting the theater  in May 2019 the fans are all ready for the exciting fourth and whats seems to be the final “Avengers” film for now. However with this comes the possibly that our heroes wont make it. in fact a few are confirmed to be done with “Marvel” so sadly we must guess and confirm who will be leaving the universe whether by death or retirement some of these characters may not appear again after “Avengers 4”.  Marvel has stated as well that not all the characters will die but some will pass on there mantels to to other heroes. However Marvels plan is know in phase 3 meaning they will start to slowly phase out some of the older heroes so without further redo heres some who will be leaving after avengers 4.


`1  Chris Evans AKA Captain America

Probably the most sad and true one Cap will be seen one last time in this film as the actor himself has been very vocal and sure about leaving marvel and the role of captain america. To bury the hatchet on being done with the role Chris Evans  posted this. “Officially wrapped up avengers 4 it was an emotional day to say the least.  Playing this role for over 8 years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera and behind the camera and the audience thank you for the memories. Eternally grateful. So while were all crying from that realizing  Cap is gone we also don’t know how he will end either dying or leaving but either way Steve Rogers will not return for another film however the character of captain America will live on,  either through the winter solider or falcon. Both of which take up the mantel after cap falls.


2 Robert downy Jr./Iron Man

Another loss that is on the table is The one and Only iron man. Robert downy jr. has had the role for a whopping 10 years, and is considering retirement from said role after Avengers 4. He openly declared he wanted to leave on a  high note, and before it gets quote “to embarrassing.” Robert downy Jr. also has no upcoming films as the character after this movie which raises the eyebrows of many since almost the rest of the cast does have future movies. He has implied that he has no plans after avengers 4 as well. When asked about his contract he said he was in a simliar boat as Chris Evans Implying he will be leaving soon. There also seems to be no one to replace Iron Man, So saldy this may be the end for him.


3 Don Cheadle/War Machine

Another highly possible loss is Tony stark’s good buddy War Machine. War Machine isn’t exactly an A list character or hero and is confirmed not to be in a standalone movie. or in anything after Avengers 4.  However this doesn’t mean he will die but it is a big possibility, another is he like iron man simply retires.  Also considering that he has no contract or movie after avengers 4 war machine may be gone


4) Jeramy Rennar / Hawkeye

Another iconic character who has been with the series since 2012 Hawkeye will be returning one last time to play Clint Barton. Jeramy Rennar has been clear much like Chris Evans that he will be leaving shortly. Presumably after Avengers 4. However the rumored Black widow movie is said to feature him but that has not been confirmed or denied.  Rennar has been pretty clear his ending is coming soon so sadly this is goodbye to Hawkeye.


5 Dave Bautsita/ Drax the destoyer

One of the Most stunning revelations is that Dave Bautsita is leaving marvel soon However he is Assigned By a legal contract to play in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 However he declared that was due to the contract not to his free will. Bautsita was furious when he learned that his director and friend James Gunn had been replaced for Guardians 3 and declared he would be leaving Marvel. to reinforce what he said he sent out this post.  I will do only what i am legally obliged to do. But guardians Without James Gunn is not what i signed up for. So Drax will survive avengers 4  but will be out of the picture soon.


While these heroes have had in incredible legacy It sad to see them go And they will all be missed. Though Marvel is Phasing them out they seem to be holding on to them as long as possible even for up to 10 years. The Marvel universe may not be the same without these characters but that is up to the fans to decide.