Davis High football takes on Syracuse in crucial region showdown

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Davis highs football team has secured a spot in the playoff game! They will be facing Syracuse high schools football team at Syracuse high school. The darts have worked incredibly hard to get to this point. Elijah Arkoudas said:

“ Our coaches have really been pushing us during practice to make sure we perform to the best of our abilities and helping boost our confidence”

Coach Bayard says that him and the other coaches are really working hard to secure the victory against Syracuse. In preparation for the game he says they have been:

“We have been trying to run more situational things as much as possible, being specific to certain situations more than most high schools do.”

Davis plans on coming out on top by putting their all into this game, Coach Bayard says that they plan on :

“Just trying to annihilate, keep our defense off the field and get as many touchdowns as possible.”

The team has been working incredibly hard not only to secure this spot in the playoffs but to win this game. The coaches are incredibly proud of the team this year, when asked about how he felt about having secured a spot in the playoffs Coach Bayard said:

“It feels really good, because they are playing as a group and not just as individuals.”

The unity created through hard work has definitely paid off so far and we hope that it will continue to pay off for this game. Elijah talked about how hard the team is going to play at this game, he said:

“This is Just a really big game and we’re going to be fighting for our lives cause if we lose we are out.”

Davis highs football team’s greatest strength has to be the way they work as a team. Just like coach Bayard said, they work as a team and not just as individuals. With so many players on a team, the level of coordination and collaboration has to be strong. If even one teammate isn’t invested, it can affect the entire team. Observing any great team, it’s obvious how connected the players are. Great teams only get to that point through the hard work they accomplish together. No one player can carry the team on their own. the physical demands can test a player’s resolve but these shared experiences help the team grow together and build a strong sense of brotherhood. The unity of our team is going to help them come out on top.

Key Matchup:

Bridger Hamblin Vs Davis’s Front 7.

The Darts will need Seniors Boston Green and Sam Owens to stop Bridger Hamblin who averages 240 yards of total offense a game.