Grades: The people behind the letters


Oh, she’s so smart You thought to yourself about the girl in your fourth period math class. But what you don’t know about her is that she is also so stressed about having straight A’s and perfect test scores that she has a mental breakdown every night because of it.

In recent studies psychologists have discovered that teenagers are more stressed then they have ever seen in the past. Now everybody has been stressed in high school, it’s part of high school according to some people. But how stressed teenagers today can lead to other issues. Such as clinical depression, anxiety, personality disorder, and suicide.
So what causes all this stress? What causes teenagers to be so highly stressed they have mental breakdowns? Studies have shown that parents and teens are getting less sleep then they did in the past 20-30 years.

Another leading cause is technology. Social 8-media has taken over some of the things we used to do when we were younger. Teens stay up to 3 in the morning on their phones talking to their friends. But not on a calling app. In fact, Americans on average text twice as much as they call. Not to mention texting is the most popular and used data service in the world.

Attempting to get into college can also be a cause of stress. Our entire future Is determined by letters and percentages. Take the ACT for example. Colleges determine if the student is going to get in to the college they want from one grade and one test. We’ve all failed a test that we knew we could’ve passed. But there are a lot of factors that can have an affect on the test grade.

These include emotional and physical attributes such as staying up all night to study, breaking something before a test, mental health problems, etc. Speaking of college and going back to technology 77% of students rely on relevant information from colleges via text. 59% of students say a college can text them first.

Talking to some of the students at Davis High school, all of them said that they believe school is more about passing then it is about learning. All of them also admitted that they had had a mental breakdown at least once in school.
This may also be contributed according to studies that parents push they’re children way to hard to get good grades when they don’t know about the curriculum the schools are teaching. They only know what they learned in school. Home stress can cause stress at school just as much as actual homework and tests can.

Students are overwhelmed these days. Were encouraged to join clubs, have fun, maintain a social life by our friends. But when we get home we are encouraged to focus on school, get good grades, don’t do drugs. Statistics can show facts and so can the school curriculum, but only the students can show the answers.