Davis Football breaks a 6 year playoff curse with win over Hunter

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To start the third quarter of a tied football game flags fell from the sky like rain. Sidelines were erupting and players were losing their composure.

“Our coaches told us to play each play as if the game was zero to zero, regardless of penalties.”

This helped the Darts maintain their heads to avoid further penalties that clearly plagued the Wolverines with 6 personal foul penalties in the game including two on their coaching staff.

Davis hasn’t won a playoff game in 6 years and the curse has been broken. Davis beat Hunter last Friday 27-14 to move on to the next round. The game was all tied at 14 going into halftime and had very high tension for trying to win the game. Elijah Arkoudas said:

“At halftime the defense came in and we made changes and switched up positions so that we could guard their receivers better.”

The defense came out on those changes and didn’t allow any points in the 2nd half. The offense came out and scored 13 points to put the game away. Davis had the ball on 3rd down and inches up six and when everyone thought they would simply control the clock Clay Bayard made a gutsy call to go for the endzone which shocked the defense. Garrett Larson then threw a deep ball to Trey Baggett and he hauled in to give the darts a 13 point lead. Trey was asked about that play and he said:

“I was just so hyped and wanted to go celebrate with my teammates. Then once I got over to the sideline I started to realize that we had pretty much secured the game.”

Trey added:

“It was a great feeling. Especially since it has been a while since we’ve won a first round game. It’s been a goal ever since I was a little kid to win a high school playoff game.”

Carston Christensen said the the keys to the win were that the offense started to maintain drives in the 2nd half and got points on the board to put it away. There was a great vibe coming away from the game and them winning the first game in 9 years.

The last time the Darts behind The Wolverines in the playoffs they went on to play in the State Championship in 2009. The Darts hope to repeat that same success this year.

This was a landmark wins and the Darts plan to carry their momentum to the second round this Friday at 4:00 against the Lone Peak Knights who also have a season record of 7-3.