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2017-2018 Staff

Lydia Griffin

Hi! I'm Lydia, and I'm this year's Clubs and Organizations editor. In my free time I enjoy reading, going to University of Utah football games, and watching good shows on Netflix. I love to eat Mike & Ike's and tater tots,...

Billy Elliott

Hi my name is Billy Elliott, not like the musical. I am a senior at dear old Davis High. I am the social media and website editor for D-TV. I am also Student Body Vice President and I love Davis and can't wait for a great year!

Natalie Lott

I'm Natalie Lott and I'm excited to be the Editor and Chief of my third year on DTV. I love music, nothing can cure a sad day like John Bellion and AJR. I am  a Gryffindor and also a Sherlock fan. I'm looking forward to a great...

Kyla Essex

I'm Kyla Essex, I moved to Utah 3 years ago from California and am 16 years old. My family is in the military and I love to travel. I love to surf and snowboard.

Brooke Christenson

I love my dog Blake and my cat Kaylee, I love journalism, softball, and marching band! Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet are my main instruments. I am a hardcore Jazz fan (Basketball team and the music genre). I am a senior in my 2nd...

Madeline McBride

Hey! I'm Maddie McBride and I'm a junior at Davis. I love to read and am a proud multi-generation Dart! Our student body here is amazing and I couldn't be happier to be on our journalism staff this year!

Olivia Egan

I’m Olivia Egan and I love to travel and meet new people!

Cameron Jacobsen

I am the sports editor. I edit sports. I am the proud founder and conqueror of "The Fist". I also like long walks on the beach. I am also seminary president. My testimony is amazing. Read your scriptures.

Brian Griffiths

Hi, my name is Brian Griffiths. I am a reporter on D-TV and a junior. I come from a family of six and 1 dog with my mom, dad, my siblings and my black lab all whom I love. I also love science, history, reading and hot sauce. I don’...

Bailey Bilderback

Hi! My name is Bailey Bilderback. I am a senior here at Davis. I love hanging out with my friends, and cooking. I love to talk and argue with Terri Hall and I am an aspiring doctor.

Bentley Holley

Hi everybody! I'm Bentley Holley, and I'm the D-TV producer this year! I love this program and everything that it is. I love listening to music, being with my friends on staff, and I love the way video editing allows me to see...

Jaedon Johnson

My name is Jaedon Johnson and a senior and SBO here at Davis High. I am an avid guitarist and an enthusiastic writer. In my free time, I enjoy being creative and whatever that entails. I am an incredibly odd person. I talk to...

Zach Hughes

My name is Zach Hughes and I am a reporter on DTV. I am 17 years old. I'm from Rocklin, California and I moved to Kaysville in the second half of my Sophomore year. I enjoy snowboarding, wakesurfing, skimboarding, and watching base...

Alyssa Seager

I'm Alyssa Seager and I'm excited for DTV this year. I love my friends, H.O.P.E Squad, and my music. I believe there's no better therapy than relating to a good song. I also think its important to stand for what you believe...

Brock Saxey

Hi I'm Brock! Not Barack, there's a difference! I enjoy crisp high fives and casual political banter. This is my first and last year at D-TV!

Ryan Ripplinger

I was born at a young age with a small loan of one million dollars in the outlandish Salt Lake City, UT. I have five siblings, four sisters and a brother, and a mom and a dad. My older sister, Amy, is nineteen and goes to UVU,...

Jarem Harris

My name is Jarem Harris. I am in DTV and I find Cedric Diggory to embody a lot of admirable features in the supporting role that he plays in J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter.

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