My Experience Trying Out for Davis High Soccer Team

Last week, on March 1st, 2021, was the very first Davis High Soccer tryout for the 2021 spring season. It was hosted at Ponds Parks, located in west Kaysville just off Burton Lane starting at 3:15 sharp.

This year will be my senior year on the team. I had played on the team my freshman and sophomore years in previous seasons, but decided to take a break for my junior season, due to education courses that would get in the way. The pressure was on after not touching a ball for a whole year.

The very first tryout was really relaxed. There were 72 players that they divided into four teams and we just scrimmaged on two different fields while the coaches watched. I got to get some touches on the ball and condition a little bit before the tryouts intensity picked up. They made no cuts the first tryout, so we would be rolling into the second with 72 student athletes still.

The second tryout was more or less the same. The pace of the game had definitely started to pick up due to the fear of the first cuts, which is always the largest of the player cuts so everyone was giving their all. After the tryouts, we all waited to see the results of the cut.

They were posted on the front office doors of Davis High School at 7pm that night. Only 52 players were left,  and 20 kids have been cut, I had survived first cuts.

Wednesday. It’s final tryout day. By 7pm tonight, this years Davis High School boys soccer team would be decided. They could cut anywhere from 10-14 players, and I had to make sure that I was not one of them. I played my heart out to make sure the coaches would have a difficult decision. There were 2 other seniors who took a break and decided to come back for their final year as well, and I knew it would come down to who out of us 3 they would take.

After playing my heart out, I hit the gym to keep myself busy as I waited for the clock to hit 7pm again to go check if I had made final cuts. I couldn’t stay focused while I lifted weights nervously. After what seemed like forever, I finally headed to the High School to see if I would be on this years Davis High Soccer team.

As I arrived, I parked in the visitor parking. I saw players walking back with their heads down as well as ones celebrating jumping in joy, and I wondered which one I would be. I walked up nervously, only to find out that I had made the team! A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing I did it. This season was about to be the best one yet. I knew how hard I was going to have to work, but I knew the reward would be worth it in the end.

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