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Grinding Gears

Grinding Gears3

The Final Stretch

April 24, 2014

by Nick Davis

I’m tired of the campaign posters, they are like pop up ads on the computer; spam. I keep stepping on a picket sign for a name I’ve already forgotten.

The posters for the campaigns are too much, It’s not enough that It’s the final too months of school but it makes things harder some how. It grinds my gears, with grades in the toilet, no help from teachers dishing out more mush that I have no more room for in my gut, escaping into the back alleys of the school just to get away. I’m not alone, I know I’m not, I share one of these alleys with my peers. Some have the same woes as I, this teacher or that project, some even have a whole different path, a teacher I’ve never had. It leads to conversations of “Let’s just drop it all and leave,” or “I just have to get finished with this.” It never ends. It’s the worst

It’s a feeling in my chest that I can’t shake, and I’m not sure i’m the only one who is this close to throwing all of my school stuff away. Probably not, there has to be others, school is this horrible experience that I wish I was dreading the end of. I could be a bright faced youth excited about math or english but I’m not. I’m disgraceful, I wish I wanted to be proud of this final stretch but i’ve rolled my ankle, I’m limping and no one is romantically helping me across the finish.

Super Bowl– awful, bloated experience

February 12, 2014

by Nick Davis

It’s easy to grow tired of something that is the same over and over, it’s also easy to get tired of something that is garbage, especially when it’s force fed to you. Everyone around you telling you how great it is, trying to convince you that it isn’t garbage, but really they’re just trying to convince themselves.

The Super Bowl has become a bloated awful experience. People prepare for a clash of titans, getting their hopes up for a great game. They are quickly dashed away with the viewing of super bowl commercials that cost more to be shown than they are to produce. A sport that was the gem of american society is now clouded by the smog of it. Greedy fingers find open eyes, open eyes that are caught off guard every few minutes.

Ads have ruined the superbowl, there was an air about the game last year, but in super bowl XLVIII it was most prevalent. There was a certain distaste in the mouths of everyone watching, even if they don’t care to admit it. It sat in the back of everyone’s throat formed of disgust at the horrid commercialism of it all.

I can’t stand it and I don’t think anyone else can either. I don’t know what to blame the blow out game on other than just fantastic defense, but the rest of the bitter taste in my mouth is a result of the monetizing of it all. I miss football.

What should we do? Well wouldn’t it be nice to switch to a different channel when the commercials come on? Really show every company how we feel. I doubt this will happen but it would be fantastic. Otherwise in the future we’ll be watching the Super Bowl of ads with a little bit of football in between, and some mediocre music halfway through.  I’m going to miss the once great day that was the super bowl.

Copying Parking Passes

January 31, 2014

by Nick Davis

What really grinds my gears is when people copy their parking passes and either sell them, or give them to people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive a pass. The already small parking lots can barely fit all the students that can actually get passes. Talking to Mr. Firmage, I found out the consequences of copying a parking pass is as follows: worst case scenario; you get charged with fraud, best case scenario; you get an administrative U, $25 fine and your parking privileges revoked. You know what the byproduct of all this is? Empty spaces just opening up for students who actually paid for a pass. So either get caught or stop doing it, no one needs your selfishness we’re all just trying to get to class on time.



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