Will “The Crucible” Cause You to Hang in Confusion?

Jacob Thayne

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The Crucible written by “Arthur Miller” is a play about the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials was a huge mass panic in a holy community called Salem, this mass panic was because of witchcraft. However, the only person in the entire story who practices anything close to witchcraft is Tituba, a servant who knows voodoo magic.

Is this a hard book to read? In my opinion “no it is not a hard book.” Is it confusing? “yes.” The author expects you to know certain things before reading. The author also blames small things on multiple people and since you only can read what the characters are saying it is extremely difficult to know who did something. The author also hints to important character flaws and strengths without saying it in any way. An example of this is mannerisms and the way that characters word their sentences.

The book is very easy to read, the figurative language is almost nonexistent. This book focuses on the idea that what the character thinks is true is a reality in that person’s mind.

Overall this book is a light and fun read to anyone who is into puzzles and problems. This book unwinds into a huge puzzle that is fun to solve.