Gatorade vs. Powerade: What’s Better?

Gatorade vs. Powerade: Whats Better?

A large disagreement in our world is the preference of these two great sport drinks, and which one actually is better. In this article I will break down the logistics of each drink and compare the two and leave it to you to decide… what is the better drink?

Health is a big factor when we are deciding what to put in our bodies, and the facts speak for them self. Gatorade (20 oz) has 140 calories, 34 g of sugar, and 270 mg of sodium. Powerade (20 oz) has the differential with 140 calories, 35 g of sugar, and 250 mg of sodium. They are evenly matched on calories and sugar but it seems like Powerade is a little less healthy.

Taste is what separates the two. In a survey that I conducted on instagram, I had a poll of who preferred gatorade on the contrary who preferred Powerade. After the survey was up for 24 hours the results were shocking, 84% (210 people) said they preferred gatorade over the 16% (40 people) Powerade. I asked Dillion Yocom, Davis Lacrosse Coach on what he preferred to supply to his athletes, and he replied, “I have always supplied gatorade to my kids, they perform better with it and I will probably continue to supply it over Powerade for the rest of my career here at Davis High.” The facts speak for them self on the preference of these two sports drinks, along with the health benefits of the two.

Last, price is key when buying things that will supply your body to replenish its fluids. On Walmart.Com, an 8 pack of Powerade is $11.48, and is $0.75 for an individual bottle, compared to the much lower price of $4.98 for an 8 pack of Gatorade, at about $1.68 for just one bottle. Gatorade has proven to have the upper hand in all of these comparisons and is projected to continue to win out its competitors for the rest of time.