The future of girls golf

The future of girls golf

Kash Gates, Writer

Have you ever gone out to the local golf course with maybe your grandpa, siblings, or parents and played a round of 9 holes? Going out and playing some golf is a great way to spend time with anyone.

Now for High Schoolers golf has many opportunities for them that they may not know of, especially for girls. There are roughly 200 unused golf scholarships every year.

These scholarships get unused and that’s all because too few of girls compete in the sport to go get them. With that said at your school it wouldn’t be hard to make the team and give it a shot.

“I started playing golf for the high school my sophomore year and its been so fun to get out and play golf in high school.” Said Abby Lewis happily.

“The coach and players all help each other out and the more you play the better you get.” Lewis said after I asked how much better she feels she’s gotten being part of a team.

When you go and play multiple times a week because you part of a team you already start getting better. It may be stressful at first not being good and you might hate it but everyone goes through that.

It’s practically free money that you get to use to go to school and you going to school earns you more money on a job you get in the future. You could go to any college you want and study what you want with a little bit of commitment.

You’ll also never know that maybe your naturally gifted in the sport and could go play as your career and not need college. A women professional golfer makes a salary of at least $1 million a year.

“I’ve loved every season and wouldn’t go back to change any of it. There’s always growing pains at the beginning of each season once you jump into it but after that it’s the best time.” Said Lewis thinking about her past seasons.