What is the closest planet to earth?


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Tristan Perry

Planets are complex and many people have been told that the planets move around the sun in a perfect circle, but this is simply not true some are close to circles, but most are ellipses, so which is the closest? 

But there is another issue, they are going around the sun at separate times so how can you calculate that? Well, which planet that is closest to the longest will win. 

So, who is mostly the closest excluding the sun so is mars or Venus the closest? Well, neither is it mercury that is the closest because it is so close to the sun it is never too far from earth. 

This goes for Venus and mars as well as the earth so the closest planet to Earth, Venus, and Mars is all closest to mercury but who is closest to Jupiter surely the same rules do not apply right? 

Wrong because the sun is the center of the solar system and mercury is the closest to the sun that means that bigger planets with bigger orbits are more inconsistent because all planet years are different. 

So that means that every single planet in this solar system is closest to mercury for longer than any other planet and therefore you have been lied to because everybody thought it would just be in order. 

“So, every planet is closest to mercury how?” said Mckay Brady, a Davis high school Student. 

But if you are still skeptical like Mckay. Just remember that other planets get closer, but mercury is mostly the closest planet. It fluctuates because different planets travel at different speeds and for different lengths of time. 

And you can try this theory out, get five friends, go to a high school track, have one stand in the middle of the track, have a friend closest to the middle run and the outside walk and you can visualize why this is true. 

“Yes, that’s right mercury is the mostest closest to all the planets,” said CGP Grey, an educational YouTuber. 

Or you can look at this graphic below either work because you can see mercury isn’t the closest planet just mostly the closest. 

 term 2 story 7 pic 2.JPG

Source:? Which Planet is the Closest? (Links to an external site.) 

Or you can look at another graphic below to show why this happens but now it’s clear mercury is the closest to all planets in this solar system  

 term 2 story 7 pic.JPG


Source:? Which Planet is the Closest? (Links to an external site.) 

“Mercury is the closest to all the other planets in our solar system its everybody’s best friend,” said bill Nie, the science guy