Millionaire living in Utah

Millionaire living in Utah

November 15, 2021

Bhinda Singh started off as a young kid from Orem, Utah with lofty expectations to become the best and now building a franchise and a chain of restaurants.  

His pizza business recently started in 2017, and immediately flew. He owns 4 restaurants famous for the title “Curry Pizza”. Curry Pizza is a fusion between traditional Indian food and Italian pizza. He has endless flavors, spices, curries, and toppings.  

“Curry pizza wasn’t the average pizza it’s a new fusion holding interest and excitement,” said Singh. 

Bhinda has traveled to 36 states, and 2 countries thanks to his career and accomplishments. Within three years he has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Who in America, Lifetime Achievement Award, Fox 13 News, and is now planning to have Curry Pizza on display in Times Square in NYC.  

Singh says, “There was a point in my life where I couldn’t handle the pressure, and almost left the business alone. My landlord told me that I could do it and motivated and pushed me that this was a small bump. He helped me to continue on.” 

Restaurant owners face many competitors in the industry, and many would see it as a motivating factor to do better. He sees it as a downside and nothing like a driving factor because he leaves everything aside and focuses on his own goals.  

The Covid-19 pandemic affected his business and continues to do so now. Revenue started decreasing as low as 90% in his West Valley location. Businesses were affected tremendously but they continue to deliver their best work for their love of the customers. 

I love Indian food and the blend he has created is absolutely amazing. He has won the hearts of many in Utah,” said Kathy McBride.   

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