New steps after the mastered steps

November 17, 2021

Many seniors have gotten used to their life at home and their school life over the past 12 years. Soon they will be going to college or going to live on their own in the “real world”.  

Many students aren’t prepared to go and live away from home and away from their loved ones. College students are put into the world seemingly with little preparation. They are also not prepared for the work that will be needed for college.   

“To me college means to grow, to learn beyond basic subjects of high school, to learn about subjects and to be challenged. It also means I can broaden my social circle. Graduating from college gives me more opportunities for my carrier path,” says Beatrice Martinez a graduated college student.  

Many people will argue whether or not college is worth all the financial pain and stress. However, it has been well established that a college degree can increase the chances of getting a job. Experience can help a person grow and learn in the real world.  

“I didn’t like that no one cared if you showed up or passed the class. But It’s your money and if you fail you waste everything. There is no outside accountability,” stated KayLyn Thompson.  

A fresh new adult going to college and living on their own can be very difficult for some. Giving them a free range to live on their own helps them figure out what to do and how they want to live. Many students are ready to become their own person. 

“I can do the basic skills like laundry and cook but being in college and learning things that are much harder I’m not prepared for that, and I don’t think I’m ready for an adult job yet,” said Ellie Davis a student preparing for college.  

Students are nervous to go out and being on their own. They want help before they go; this could be from parents or from school.  

“If we were given more classes on how to properly manage money, get good insurance, pay taxes or how to buy and take care of cars, we could do so much better in life,” stated Lili Larson another student ready to graduate.  

Students need these skills more than anything to survive. Giving students tips or classes for basic needs they will be more ready to go into college. 

“It depends on the students.  If students have skills such as scheduling, time management, completing assignments on time, and the willingness to try then they have some basic skills that will help them succeed in college.  But if they are not even willing to put in basic work to barely pass a class, they need to seriously consider their actions and they can change,” explains Ms. Jones a teacher at Davis High School.  

If a student works hard enough then they have a better chance of succeeding. All they need are good management skills and to be willing to work hard. There are many good perks to being in college.  

“The most beneficial thing about going to about going to college to learn. There is so much value in knowing that we have what it takes to manage difficult tasks, assignments, etc. and be able to solve problems our own way and to find solutions. A typical four-year degree may not be the best option for every student. If that is the case, I strongly recommend pursuing post-secondary vocational training of some kind,” says Ms. Chapmen another teacher from Davis high.   

Going to college is very difficult but it could help many people in the future. Being careful not to overspend or procrastinate and staying on top of homework, students will be successful. If possible, all students should at least consider going to college.  


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