DogTV, A TV channel for dogs.

November 30, 2021

Starting next Monday, DogTV will begin airing in the UK. 

Starting this coming Monday, man’s best friend will no longer have to watch stupid human tv shows, and more tv curated to them. 

“DogTV has been created by following studies of dog’s psychological and physiological needs, responses, moods, to help them feel stimulated and relaxed when owners are not around”, said the producers of the upcoming channel. 

After a long three years of research, and lots of tested programming aiming to help dogs with separation anxiety, loneliness, and stress, the channel will also help dog owners better understand and look after their own pets. 

Dog owners are constantly rising in the past to teenagers moving out and the COVID lockdowns and quarantines, it’s a good time to help all of the new dog owners help their newfound friends, especially with life starting to adjust back to normal and dogs being scared of being left alone for the first time. 

Colors, audio frequencies, and camera alignment have all been adapted to help dogs with their senses to cater it the best it can be done. 

Professor Nicholas Dodman, chief scientist for DogTV said, “DogTV is an excellent resource for dog owners to help alleviate some of the behavioural problems that can arise when dogs are left alone.” 

“With numbers of dog owners rising of the pandemic, owners now returning to work, DogTV helps canines to feel relaxed and comforted until their owners return home.”, said Dodman. 

The channel, which has already aired in other countries, will also have shown specific to dog owners, including shows by the famous dog trainer Laura Nativo, who will be providing tips on how to live a better home life with a pet and how to make their life better, as well as other shows that provide information on simple recipes for dogs. 

According to DogTV, one in every six dogs suffer and have separation anxiety.  Symptoms of separation anxiety include excessive and stressed barking, refusing to eat, trying to escape, and destructive behavior when separated. 

British animal trainer, Victoria Stillwell said, “People think that DogTV is bit of a weird concept at first, but when I tell them the amount of research that has gone into this, that this TV channel can help their dog while home alone, improve their lives considerably and help with different stresses and axieties, they get it.” 

This new service will be available on an assortment of smart Tv’s, Android, Apple devices, and as well as online. 

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