The mind palace of a creative writer

The mind palace of a creative writer

November 30, 2021

Creative writers are some of the most interesting people on the planet. They think of things that the average person might not. They think of stories and situations that most people wouldn’t think of ever happening.  

An example is the thimble radios from Fahrenheit 451 headphones where already a thing but were big and ugly. Soon after the book in 2000 the “sea shell shaped” headphones were created and are now a part of our everyday lives.  

Writers have invented things that have never existed or possibly could never exist. Creative writers’ imaginations can be both frightening and entertaining. To explore one’s mind is reaching dangerously new territories.  

“Since I was young, I always wanted to make up stories. I’ve always been into fandoms and shows and writing about it makes me happy. To write about new ideas and to write about my own characters is very fulfilling,” says Hero Hampton, a creative writer.  

Many writers start at a young age with a very powerful imagination and it continues to grow within them. It is possible as child, they needed a way to free their creative minds and writing helped them explain their creative thoughts.  

“A writer’s mind works by someone wanting to explain something that isn’t there and can’t explain in person so they use writing to describe what doesn’t exist. And in this way, they are very intelligent in this sense they are able to explain something that most people can’t. Some of them are very harsh on themselves but that’s just the mind of a writer,” explains Daniel Smalley. 

Trying to explain a story that just popped into someone’s head one day is difficult. Writers have figured out how to put these random thoughts into words and make a whole new world out of the idea. Many don’t even know where the ideas come from.  

“Sometimes it’s from dreams or just wanting to make a person that has a skill or a super power I want. Pictures generate ideas,” reported Torryn Mecham.  

Knowing where the thoughts come from lets the writer mix ideas with reality. Writers have formed many ideas and have helped build today’s society. Writers give ideas to others which make people want things  

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