How metric paper can show you the universe

December 8, 2021

Metric paper is very fascinating because when you cut it in half it keeps the exact same shape for infinity it is an introduction into nothingness and the entire universe. 

Metric was made so billboards could double the size or half it and not have to fiddle around with margins so it was made so by doubling or halfling it would keep the same shape. 

“I made it, so nobody had to spend time fiddling around with borders on billboards margins are inconsistent and annoying I made this to combat this.” said the inventor of the metric paper Walter Porstmann. 

But This paper is also an introduction into everything from a microscopic level to a universal level of size so how do you see this well a full sheet of metric paper is called A4 and each half A5 and each half of that A6. 

This also goes the other way around. Take two A4 pieces to get A3 the four to get A2 it takes two A2 to get to an A1 and four A2 to get A0 which is exactly 1 meter squared, and it keeps the same shape as A4. 

Now begin with 1 sheet of A4 paper divided into half and half again always creating the same shape getting to the size of a bee and smaller till the bee’s organs then the limit of human vision. 

Now divide further and at 24 divisions you can see the cells of the bee and 32 divisions down you can see the mechanical brain of the cell that are just chromosomes of DNA but now the lights go out. 

This is already smaller than visible light, but 56 divisions down are about the size of a strand of DNA 64 divisions down is about the size of a single atom. and in the center of the atom almost 1/100,000th the size is a hydrogen nucleolus. 

And at around 100 divisions you get to the point beyond human comprehension but going deeper you see quarks and going to around 200 divisions you see the plank length there’s nothing there but it’s the smallest size. 

“Quarks are like a universal pixel of the universe with the knowledge we currently have. But there’s probably a lot smaller things” said Neil Degrass Tyson. 

But flying back up to the A4 paper now you realize only half the trip has been completed now it’s time to times the paper and sees how big it can be. 

And now it unfolds itself into a sheet twice the size doubling to the size of a desk then a room then an office then home then the Nabor hood then city and then state then country and then the world. 

Now, going bigger to the speed limit of the universe, you can see a light go to the moon in one second. This is the speed limit of the universe, the speed of light and at 68 doublings the earth is too small to see. 

And at 76 you can see the orbits of Venus and Mars now light takes 2 minutes to get to Venus and 14 minutes to reach mars and there are 20 doublings to go before leaving the home star and at 145 doublings it is bigger than the milky way galaxy. 

And getting bigger the galaxies turn into small little lights and at 184 doublings of the A4 paper, you will reach the end of the universe the end of what we can see where there’s no light there’s nothing. 

But beyond is the non-observable universe and going past means travailing beyond where light has reached yet and won’t until the death of the universe and how many doublings beyond this is unknowable. 

“Well, the end of the observable universe is just how far Nasa can see right now it just means that light hasn’t reached it yet that’s why it’s not the end of the universe because there’s probably no end” Sayed Elon musk. 

This point is an infinite nothing for infinity till the end of everything and this is how metric paper can show you everything. From smallest to largest by simply dividing or multiplying by two. 

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