Strangers around Davis: Continuing the search

December 14, 2021

Continuing the discovery of students at Davis High, we interviewed more teenagers wandering the halls of Davis. Our questions centered more around the get to know you phase and gradually got deeper and deeper. Catching up the students is actually more fun than you would think. It’s not awkward and every answer given is something you wouldn’t have guessed from certain people.  

Here are the answers your fellow students gave: 

What is a compliment you wish you received more frequently? 

“That I’m nice. I get told I’m mean a lot.” says Boston Cooper, age 16. 

If you could have it your way: who would you be with? Where would you be? And what would you be doing? 

“Stanley Idaho with my family fishing!” dreams Chad Davis, age 17. 

What is the most unexplainable thing that’s ever happened to you? 

“Probably going to a Harry Styles concert! That was pretty unexplainable!” exclaims Kennedy Piper, age 18. 

What’s been the best compliment a stranger has ever given you? 

“I got told yesterday that my eyes are really pretty! It was so sweet!” Abby Lewis, age 17, happily states. 

What is your current mood? 

“I don’t know! I’m just chillin!” Daphne Henderson, age 15, coolly responds. 

Is there a feeling you miss? 

“Not really! I’m feeling pretty awesome!” explains Oaklee Bond, age 15. 

What’s your father’s name? What is one thing about him? 

“Mark and he is a dentist!” says Zayn Miller, age 17. 

What is the last thing you lied to your mother about? 

“I lied to her about how I really am.” Cadi Manchego, age 18, states. 

Why do you think we met? 

“Well, I was just on my way to get a Mountain Dew so because I needed to.” laughs Peter Debry, age 16. 

Take it from these students, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has been through something hard and even though these are more surface level questions, if you get to know the people you are constantly around you can always find someone who’s been going through the same thing. We all go to the same school and if there is someone who knows what it’s like going to Davis High it’s those that go to Davis High! 

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