When is too early to ask to the school dances?

December 14, 2021

High School dances have been a popular thing for generations. High school students around the nation look forward to asking their fellow classmates to go to dinner and spend the night dancing and having fun with each other.

 Throughout the years asking to the dances has become more extravagant and students will ask months in advance. What are the thoughts of some Davis High students on when the appropriate time is to ask to a school dance? 

Hannah Lindsey, a Davis high school student had a lot to say about this issue. Lindsey said that asking to the dances early is almost essential if you want to go to the dances with people that you want. She said it’s stressful and very unneeded but the pressure of asking comes because other people feel the need to get it “done and over with” even if it is three months until the dance.

“I asked very early to Christmas, I asked the day after homecoming and I had a lot of fun at Christmas and I think if you are sure you want to go with that person, then go ahead but keep in mind a lot can change in three months” Lindsey explained after being asked about the schools Christmas dance.  

Davis High student Kaylee Jensen said that asking that early feels very weird to her. “I don’t regret doing with who I asked but I do regret asking that early but at the same time understand why I did” Jensen talking about the Christmas dance.

Jensen felt that it’s almost a competition to beat everyone and who is going to get who. “I think there should be certain rules on asking to dances and a certain day you can start asking so that it can be fair and less stressful for everyone” Jensen on the pressure of asking to the dance.  

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