The facts of the booster

The facts of the booster

January 5, 2022

With the CDC recently recommending that everyone 18 and older get the booster shot, many fully vaccinated persons are worried about the effectiveness of their current vaccines. Some are doubting the effectiveness of the vaccine if the CDC is so strongly pushing the booster. 

Many health organizations, including the CDC, have come out with information/studies surrounding the booster vaccine. The CDC explains that the primary vaccine protects from the most severe symptoms of Covid-19. Studies show that fully vaccinated individuals are not as affected by Covid as others.  

Although the primary vaccine is considered effective, over time studies show that about 6 months after being fully vaccinated the amount of Covid antibodies shrink. Meaning that overtime the primary dose is not as effective. The booster helps reintroduce your immune system to Covid in order to shield the individual.  

Many worry that the side effects of the booster may be very severe or even dangerous. There are some serious reactions, but according to the CDC they are a very rare occurrence. Most side effects of the booster are the same as the primary vaccine. Some symptoms include chills, joint pain, fever, headache, pain at the injection site, nausea, etc. 

With the new Omicron variant rampaging world, the CDC highly recommends getting the Covid booster to protect against the virus. The Omicron variant is highly contagious, and very dangerous. In some cases, the primary vaccine is not sufficient to stop the Omicron variant. The variant accounts for 73% of the current Covid cases. 

Unlike many other areas the US does not allow the mix and matching of the booster. The CDC recommends getting the same booster as your primary vaccine. 33.1% of America’s fully vaccinated population has received the booster shot.  

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