Why Do People Forget How To Drive In The Snow?

January 5, 2022

It’s the same every single year, the snow starts to fall late November to early December, and from that first snow, chaos ensues. 

People freak out every year from that first snow, these people act like it’s a natural disaster and this inch of snow is the end of everything in this natural crazy world we all live in. 

So, the time for the real question, why do people forget how to drive in the snow? 

There’s no definitive answer, besides the simple one of snow being different than a standard dry road.  Snow and ice change sensory-motor dynamics in your brain since it’s been months since people last drove on roads so slippery. 

“I think it’s jarring for people, but they may think its extra cautious driving could actually just be an impairment to their driving experience and decision making”, said Taya Wescott. 

It could also just be that people are not thinking super clearly about the whole situation.  Going way too fast, way too slow and stopping traffic, taking corners too hard and fishtailing, sliding from abrupt stops, and overall just forgetting how the car works and driving into a ditch. 

“I believe people forget how dangerous just a little bit of snow can be. They are more worried about getting to their location on time than they are the safety of themselves and the people around them.”, said Brody Dezember. 

“Because people are stupid.”, said Heather Farr. 

These bad drivers usually get better after a week of two of driving in the snow, but there are always those special few who always cause problems even with barely any snow on the ground. 

So, here’s to winter, separating all of the bad drivers from the good ones.  Just remember to stay safe while driving, and sometimes the destination doesn’t matter as much as being safe. 

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