The next big step

January 5, 2022

Going into the holiday season, most seniors have or are close to submitting college applications. College is taught as the next step in life after high school. Applications and scholarship forms seem to fill the time just as much as homework.

“I’d say getting ready for college is stressful. All of senior year is doing all of these applications and getting scholarships done for the colleges you want to go to.” Says student Ashton Bond.

College is pushed as the next step in life, but is that what works for everyone? While continuing to grow in education is important for life, college may not be the path that works best for everyone. Some alternative options would be attending trade school or doing an internship in a career field.

Bond states, “No, college is not necessary at all. I know that from my dad who makes a good paycheck and he went to a little college and never passed with a degree. College doesn’t guarantee anything and can lead to a lifetime of debt.”

Acceptance letters come in towards the end of the calendar year or in the beginning of the next. Waiting and hoping for acceptance could be the most challenging part of applying. Once accepted, the cost of higher education is seen as a challenge and can be a large deterrent for students to go to college. Trade schools are traditionally a more affordable option than college.

Regarding the high cost, Bond says, “I would definitely say that it would deter people from a prestigious school. If they do know about financial status they don’t want to be in debt for a long time after college. I would want to stay in state to get a degree rather than go into debt.”

The high stress and cost of higher education poses a challenge for students who are new and unexperienced in the world outside of their childhood home. College is a tough decision that determines the path for the rest of their life.

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