Beauty or Effort

January 5, 2022

Lush Beauty, safe for the environment but still has assorted products.  

Since 1996, Lush Cosmetics has been creating products that are able to be used on the go. Their first shop opened in 1995 in Poole. The main idea of this company was to hold fresh products for customers to enjoy. They also focus on giving back with their products to charity. 

Lush products are made in England, Canada, Croatia, Germany, and Australia. They focus on the parts that many products don’t produce. Their products are cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian, vegan, naked packaging, and good for the environment.  

“I love being able to use a product that I know won’t have harmful chemicals that could damage my skin instead of helping it, Lush has so many cute products and they smell divine,” said Nishi Sharma. 

Having natural products plays such a huge role in society, because of the health benefits. Lush has so many natural options from shampoo, body care, skincare, makeup products, and scents that are all useable and not harmful to you or the environment.  

“I like the products, and some of them are overall too top, and it’s a very good place to shop. It makes me feel better buying a using them knowing that they are making an impact that will make a slight difference in our world, which is better than none,” said Kate Larsen. 

Lush is a great way to give gifts. They have so many products and gift options, especially around the holidays. You can personalize your gifts, or get regular gift packages that are extremely affordable. The best part is you’re giving a gift knowing that they are suitable to the person and harm-free.  

“The fast pace about the holiday times is always the best. Our bath bombs are the bestselling, face masks are good for a breakout, shower jellies include (lemon, lavender, cherry, and seaweed). I adore that everyone is friends and so close,” said Summer Trinkle an employee at Lush.  

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