End of semester stress

January 5, 2022

As the end of the semester creeps ahead of Davis High students you can feel the tension radiating off everyone. Students preparing for finals, completing their biggest projects of the semester, and closing themselves off to everyone around them.

Even after the two-week break students seem more stressed than ever, maybe it’s because they forgot everything they were learning before the break. Many students wish that the semester had ended before the break, so that they could relax more and not have the reminder that they have finals starting the week after break.

“It’s stressful having to finish over the break. It should just be family and friend time, and we could already have things done! It is kind of nice to have some extra time, but it would be easier to have it end before break.” Bryndee Maxfield explained.

“Yes, I wish that the semester ended before the break because it is really hard to remember what you learned once you get back. Plus all our finals are right after the break so I feel like my test scores don’t reflect my knowledge.” Savanna Sims said.

With finals looming over the students’ heads their stress levels reach another level of extreme. What exactly are the students worried about though? Finals? Next semester classes? Friends? Big assignments? Sports?

“I am most definitely stressed about the end of the semester. Tests weigh so heavily on my grades, and I have quite a few coming up.” Charlotte Lindeman exclaimed.

“I think my AP grades have me the most stressed right now.” Anna Larsen said with a laugh.

Having a break should be relaxing, you should be able to turn off your mind and not worry about what homework you have or what tests are coming up. Since students go back to school in a new year after winter break, they should also have a fresh start.

The only way to achieve that goal is to end the semester before the break. Not only will students have a fresh start with classes, but they’ll also have a fresh start on their mental health. Winter break should be like hitting a “reset” button, not a “pause” button.

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