Cody the Cool Crawford


Cody Crawford is a junior at Davis High School. He is a man of many faces. You will never see him in pictures and if your lucky you might just see him in real life. A sly comb over, a style that will knock your socks off. He has one of the best personalities out there.

Cody works two jobs; one, with all his homies at Hug Hes Cafe as a host and dishwasher. His second job, is a construction job that he works when needed. Whether he is going to work, partying, or a Davis football game, you can see Cody pull up in one of the flyest cars in existence, with 255 horse power his light brown 2002 Nissan Maxima is sure to give your piece of metal a run for its money in a street race.

Cody Does a lot through out the week, from working two jobs and keeping caught up on school he keeps himself pretty busy. But when he isn’t doing anything you can find him at the skate park with his friends, fulfilling his duty has being a hoodlum, or causing some trouble in your neighborhood.

Cody is also a Fortnite God with over of 30 wins and a deadshot aim that you do not want to become a target when he is looking down the barrel of his bolt action sniper.

If you are looking for an outstanding man to be yours you better cuff him quick before some one else does. Cody isn’t just a good friend but a brother as well. He takes great care of his little sister Grace.

If you need a smile or a good time just give Cody a call and you will not regret it.

“My bones hurt” Cody Crawford