Marvels spider-man swings to success

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Marvel’s Spider-man is one of the most successful games this year and has already been dubbed the best spiderman game ever, and it may be. only 3 days after its release it sold over 3 million copies,  and gained an 8 out of 10 critic wise and a 5/5 on common sense, on top of this the creators where smart enough to avoid the disastrous micro trans actions as well maintain a fun 12 hour story. It also brings its  nostalgia of  a spider-man game in a new a but familiar way.

The story starts very different then our average spider-man does everyone’s favorite wall crawler  has been spider man for 8 years and is now 23 years old and a graduated from college. The action starts with a simple cut scene but masterfully allows you to jump into the action as if your still in the cut scene . After taking down the villain you were sent to arrest ( The Kingpin) You then move throughout the story and come across familiar faces such as MJ, Aunt May, Norman Osborn and a surprising Miles Morales. You also run into less friendly faces, Scorpion,  shocker , vulture ect. but it’s not rushed in fact there’s plenty of side missions to keep you happy for weeks.

I spoke with my friend and marvel super fan Jayden nelson about what he liked about the game and he had a lot of good things to say “I really like the web swinging and graphics it looks really cool, the combat has changed to and you have upgrades unlike the other games. the suits are really cool too.”  In fact this game and its graphics are nothing short of  incredible as well sporting a new fighting mechanic as well new physics to the game. they made new York as if out of the movies with amazing Easter eggs such as avengers tower, Damage control and a Wakandin embassy.

In all the game is very well done with a good story line as well characters that you not only know and love but genuinely want to see how the story goes and how it will end.  It also ends with a bang after your final villain (Doc Ock) you see emerging of the infamous green goblin, and the origins of Venom. So it is safe to say a sequel is on the way as is downloadable content. The game  like spider -man is amazing and I highly recommend it tho only game that compares in a small way is  “Arkham Knight”  but it still cant account for the web swinging and nostalgia that this game.